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Harmony Korine and Matthew McConaughey’s The Beach Bum lands chill distro deal, man

(Photo: Jemal Countess/Getty Images)

Is there a more perfect combination of artist and company than Harmony Korine and Vice? Probably not, so it makes perfect sense that, as Deadline reported, Vice will be releasing the Spring Breakers director’s latest movie, The Beach Bum, starring Matthew McConaughey. It will do so in tandem with Neon, the new distribution arm of Alamo Drafthouse. (For what it’s worth, Korine directed an episode of “Profiles by Vice.” You can watch it here.)

As for the movie itself, well, this is one that features a bit of perfect casting, too, given that McConaughey is playing a character named Moondog, who is described by Deadline as a “rebellious and lovable rogue who lives life large.” The film is set for release sometime in 2018, man.


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