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Harley Quinn is gonna make it after all in the bloody trailer for her DC Universe animated series

When DC Universe’s Harley Quinn cartoon was first unveiled back in October, the announcement clip was so obvious about the Deadpool-style self-referential shtick it was going for that Harley herself actually referenced the canceled Deadpool cartoon. Harley Quinn has sort of settled into a Deadpool-esque role in the comments, so it seemed like total fair game for DC Universe to say “hey, if you’re not doing the grown-up cartoon with meta humor thing, we will,” but Harley Quinn’s new San Diego Comic-Con trailer looks a bit more like a different grown-up cartoon with meta humor. In the trailer, Kaley Cuoco’s Harley Quinn crosses paths with everyone who’s anyone in Gotham City’s underworld, including Kite Man, Clayface, King Shark, someone who is probably Maxie Zeus, Poison Ivy, Lex Luthor, KGBeast, and a guy in white makeup who appears to be some kind of “clown prince of crime.” Also: Batman is there and Aquaman gets throat-punched.


It all looks reasonably fun, even if Cuoco’s Harley Quinn voice just sounds a whole lot like her regular voice. It’s one thing to try and avoid doing a bad impression of Arleen Sorkin’s original voice from Batman: The Animated Series, but surely there’s a happy medium between that and just doing your regular Big Bang Theory voice.

Anyway, Harley Quinn is listed as “coming soon” to the DC Universe streaming service.