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Harlem Globetrotter nails a shot from a damn helicopter

Over the course of their nearly 90-year existence, the Harlem Globetrotters have transformed the art of the trick shot into an extreme sport. Having quickly grown tired of simple hook shots and flamboyant alley-oops, these peerless entertainers have taken to shooting baskets from the roof of Madison Square Garden or from behind their back at the other end of the court. Now, as seen in a new video on the Globetrotters Twitter account, they’ve taken their talents to the sky just to prove they can score an easy three-pointer from a damn helicopter 210 feet in the air.


Globetrotters guard Will “Bull” Bullard had previously made a shot from the Morey’s Piers Sky Coaster in New Jersey, but clearly felt the need to up the ante if he wanted people to come out to their games this year. There’s no way to tell how many attempts it took Bull to make a basket, but the fact that he did it at all, and off the backboard no less, is incredibly impressive. Although the video cuts off after a few replays, one would assume a player from the Washington Generals attempted the shot next, only to miss wide and have his pants fall down around his ankles.

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