Rodgers and Hammerstein’s classic WWII musical South Pacific is being readied for a big-screen update, this time in a “harder-edged version” that keeps the songs intact, but stops pretending like the Pacific theatre was a never-ending luau where the real mission was falling in lurve. The new, grittily rebooted South Pacific—a co-production of Amber Entertainment and actor Bob Balaban’s Chicagofilms—will be, in the words of Balaban, “a tougher, more realistic retelling of the same classic story of two very different people whose love for each other transcends their enormous cultural differences.” Hey, maybe it could take a page from HBO’s recent The Pacific, and set songs like “Happy Talk” to the rhythmic plop of a bored GI tossing pebbles into the hollowed-out brain cavity of a Japanese soldier.