For Best Summer Ever, Har Mar Superstar’s upcoming full-length, Sean Tillman came up with a novel concept. While Tillman has always used the Har Mar name to jump wildly across genres, Best Summer Ever is meant to be a collection of Har Mar’s greatest hits from the years of 1950-1985. Ignoring the fact that Tillman was born in 1978, Best Summer Ever is a wild genre homage that all fits nicely under the Har Mar Superstar banner. While the tracks from Best Summer Ever that have been released thus far have skewed toward ’80s pop, The A.V. Club is premiering “How Did I Get Through The Day?,” a ’50s-style heartbreaker that highlights Tillman’s knack for soulful crooning. It’s a track that shows Tillman’s masterful understanding of music history, while establishing his place in it as a chameleonic force.

Best Summer Ever will be released on April 15 via Cult Records.