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Happy Thanksgiving, buddies

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Hey, buddy. It’s Thanksgiving, that annual time of year when Americans eat too much, but with a more patriotic purpose. As per our own traditions handed down from our ancestors, we won’t be relaying any news about celebrities and their projects. Odds are you’re taking a break from the Internet anyway, and are hopefully sitting down to interact live with your Facebook feed (otherwise known as “your family and friends”). But so long as you’re here and we’re not entertaining you with Newswires, there will still be some stuff to check out around the rest of the site, including new editions of AVQ&A, Watch This, Scenic Routes, and Staff Picks that will hopefully tide you over. And we’ll be right back here on Monday, raring to begin the sluggish death crawl of showbiz news between now and Christmas.


As always, allow me to extend an uncomfortably sentimental Thanksgiving toast in the direction of you, the reader, for coming here and being part of The A.V. Club. Our readership hit some incredible highs this year and it only continues to grow, yet there’s still an intimacy and familiarity to the site that makes it feel incredibly close-knit—and that’s not something you find everywhere in the wilds of the Internet. That’s because you’re all smart, passionate people who share our appreciation both for intelligent pop culture discussion and for indulging in total goofs. And we’re grateful every day that we’ve found each other, and that we continue to find new people like us who want to join in. So many thanks to you.