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Happy Memorial Day from The A.V. Club

Image: AlexRaths (Getty Images)

It’s Memorial Day, folks! On this special holiday, we honor the fallen service men and women with humid barbecues, picked-through sales, and road trips that never quite measure up to our best-laid plans. In order to properly observe the day, the Newswire team will be reserving our biting cultural commentary exclusively for our personal Twitter feeds and long-suffering loved ones. Don’t fret: We’ll resume standard operations tomorrow.

It is also André 3000's birthday, which is another stellar reason to ditch work and head to Atlanta. Personally, I fail to see a problem with spending the day listening to “Solo (Reprise)” from Frank Ocean’s Blonde on loop. You can also pay homage to Mr. Benjamin’s historically bold fashion by stepping up your headscarves game or simply giving overalls a try. Here, just watch the music video for “Roses” and start brainstorming from there. In the meantime, what’s your favorite André 3000 verse?

If you’ve got some downtime and you’re itching for a good read, we’ve got plenty for you to enjoy while you await our return. For starters, have you read Werner Herzog’s expert opinion on french fries, or our enthusiastic look at the second season of Starz’s Vida? On the music front, you can compare thoughts on the latest albums from The National and Flying Lotus, or check out this intimate profile of Ian Noe. And if you’d rather just kick back and read a book, our own Katie Rife might have a suggestion for you.


Have a stellar holiday, everyone!

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