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Hey everybody. Today’s Memorial Day, which means that we’re taking the day off in honor of the service men and women who died so we could sit on our asses and make jokes about The Rock all day long. We’ll be doing so via the fine American tradition of encased meats; I’m going to something called “Meatsravaganza,” which is kind of like Fight Club, only the first rule is that you have to bring meat. And you’re allowed to talk about it. So it’s really not much like Fight Club at all, actually. Vegetarians, your day is coming (on October 1, specifically).

Newswire will resume normal operations tomorrow. In the meantime, we’ve got a handful of book reviews for you to enjoy—including a new thriller by Fargo creator Noah Hawley—along with a Watch This about the classic campus comedies Good News and our regularly scheduled TV Club coverage, including reviews of last night’s Game Of Thrones. See you all tomorrow, Newswire faithful—and bring the Alka-Seltzer, would you?