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Happy Memorial Day, everybody

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In case you haven’t gone outside for a while and aren’t sure what day it is—always a possibility for The A.V. Club readers and staff alike—today’s Memorial Day, the day when we here in the U.S. remember our fallen veterans by eating and drinking too much, as we do on all holidays. We also take the day off of work, the better to lay flat on our backs and moan softly after eating a series of barbecued meats and/or meat substitutes.


While you wait for the Alka-Seltzer to kick in, enjoy our Inventory chronicling 11 pop-culture parades gone wrong, read reviews of Nicole Kidman’s beleaguered Grace Kelly biopic or Nick Offerman’s very manly, very American new book, and maybe talk about some podcasts in our regular Podmass feature. Or you can just hang around the comments section and discuss the finer points of grilling various food items—it seems pretty straightforward to us, but people write 500-page books about it, so what do we know? Newswire will be back tomorrow morning.

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