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With production on Lost's fifth season underway, Jorge Garcia's blog "Dispatches From The Island" has temporarily abandoned reports of Garcia's world travels in favor of posts like today's, in which the actor offers photos from the cast's pumpkin-carving party. In the photo above, the pumpkin on the left was carved by Michael Emerson, and the one on the right by Josh Holloway. The one in the middle is unidentified. (Alvar Hanso, perhaps?)

Meanwhile, Lost-ies have been buzzing for the past week about ABC's official trailer for Season Five, as seen below. (Warning: Do not watch if you're still planning to catch up with Season Four at some point.)

Analysis of the new footage is widely available on Lost sites, but one of the most intriguing readings is here, from "DocArzt's Lost Blog" founder DocArzt. (And here's a SPOILER-y theory of my own: Perhaps the island traveled back in time, but Daniel Faraday, seen in the trailer confronting a man in a HazMat suit, ended up returning to the island at a different time, since he was off the island when Ben moved it. END SPOILER-y theory.)

Rumor has Lost returning the first week of February, though ABC hasn't confirmed that yet. In the meantime, Sci-Fi is still showing four episodes of Lost every Monday. This coming week's block includes Season Two standouts "Everybody Hates Hugo" and "The Other 48 Days." (So for those who quit on the show during its down times, there's still time to catch up.)

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