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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.
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Tomorrow is Labor Day here in the United States, and as a freshly unionized workforce, we’ve decided to take a couple days off here at The A.V. Club to celebrate, you know, not having to work for a few days. It’s not that we don’t love writing about the thrilling day-to-day action of Hollyweird, but we only have so much time left to hang out with our cool friends in this blistering heat before Mr. Autumn Man comes along to spoil our summer fun. (Just kidding, we’re going to spend Labor Day playing video games.)


The Newswire section won’t be here to entertain you with hilarious witticisms like “Hollyweird” for a couple of days, but elsewhere at The A.V. Club we’ll have your usual Wiki Wormhole fun and a couple of book reviews to tide you over. When we come back on Tuesday, we’ll have some thoughts on Better Call Saul, a discussion of the Purge TV show, and a review of Spider-Man for PlayStation 4.

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