Members of the International Ladies Garment Workers Union march on Labor Day 1982. (Photo: Barbara Alper / Getty Images)

Whether you think of it as the unofficial end of summer—Pumpkin Spice Lattes, the second most important harbinger of the changing seasons after The Onion’s Mr. Autumn Man, return to Starbucks today—or as one of the last vestiges of the dying American labor movement, Labor Day can be kind of depressing. (Or heartening, depending on your views on chilly weather and right-to-work laws.) And, well, Newswire won’t be here to cheer you up, because we’re taking the day off.

But the wider world of The A.V. Club is laboring on Labor Day, bringing you two new book reviews so you can transition from summer reading to fall, as well our regular What’s On Tonight column and Income Disposal, our daily guide to all the fun things you can spend your money on to distract yourself from the inevitability of your own death. Yikes, sorry. That took a dark turn. Maybe it’s time to go outside.