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Happy Independence Day from The A.V. Club

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Today is July 4, a.k.a. Independence Day, the annual holiday wherein Americans struggle to come to terms with the dichotomy between whatever lingering patriotism still lurks in a bunker buried somewhere deep within our hearts, and our actual feelings toward the symbols, institutions, and officials that represent our country on a daily basis. (Needless to say, it involves an enormous amount of drinking, cooked meats, and distraction-friendly explosions.)

We here at The A.V. Club take our responsibilities as Americans extremely seriously, which is why we’re taking the day off, the better to honestly wrestle with our feelings on the fight to maintain optimism, the legacy of this country as a place where immigrants could once come in the firm expectation of a dignified, satisfying life, and the question of how many times we can catch the Roland Emmerich classic Independence Day running on repeat on Starz. (Our guess: Roughly two-and-a-half.)


Our non-American readers won’t be left entirely in the lurch while we’re out busily indulging in every flavor of fire hazard known to man, though; “What’s On Tonight” will be running as per usual, and we’ve got our July music preview arriving to help you figure out the back half of your musical year. Dan Savage will also be on hand for your regular dose of Savage Love, along with a new review from our Eisner-winning comics coverage team.

Have a happy holiday, folks; we’ll be back with regular coverage on Thursday morning. And remember: Every time you set off a firecracker, you’re scaring the shit out of every poor dog in your neighborhood. Don’t be a jerk.

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