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Happy Holidays from The A.V. Club

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It’s December 24, a day that may or may not have any particular significance to you, but for us at The A.V. Club it means taking a break from everything for a bit so we can, you know, not do anything. It’s also Christmas eve, which is when those of us who follow pop culture like to argue about whether or not it’s funny to say that Die Hard is a Christmas movie. We couldn’t care less about whether or not it is a Christmas movie, we’re just trying to decide if it’s funny to point that out or not. It definitely stopped being funny at some point, but has it come back around? Is it funny to do it ironically? We’ll leave that up to you and your families.

Anyway, as a little December 24 treat, we’d like to present a classic winter-based story with no particular holiday affiliation:

’Twas the night before December 25, and all through The A.V. Club, not a creature was stirring (not even the Newswire desk). The end-of-year posts were published with care, in hopes that the commenters soon would be there. The on-call news writers had their laptops nestled with them in beds, while visions of surprise Star Wars trailers that they’d have to write about danced in their heads.

Then there’s this whole middle part about reindeer, there’s a guy who sprang to his sleigh, and something something down of a thistle. Damn it, this is so much harder than we thought it would be. Blah blah blah, then the guy says, “Happy day off to most, and to all a good night!”


That was so fun and festive! We’ll be back soon enough with some more of that delicious content you crave, but until then: Happy Holidays!

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