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Happy holidays from The A.V. Club

(Illustration by: Nick Wanserski)

As we do every year, Newswire will be shutting down for the next few days so we can recharge our batteries and try to locate batteries for the toys we got our family members for Christmas. We’ve got a few pieces of content, including part two of our best of The A.V. Club year-end retrospective, coming to you over the holiday weekend, but until then: Merry Christmas, if that’s your bag. Sorry for the previous lack of mention of Hanukkah, if that’s yours. Joyous Kwanzaa to, as SNL’s Michael Che recently put it, “Rachel Dolezal and McDonald’s.” Happy Boxing Day to our British friends and to that annoying girl who spells “favorite” “favourite,” even though she’s from Iowa. And may the Force be with Hillary Clinton, who recently outed herself as the matriarch of America’s most high-profile Jedi household. And during an election cycle! So brave.

See you all on Monday.


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