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Happy holidays from The A.V. Club

Illustration: Nick Wanserski

As is our tradition here at The A.V. Club‘s Newswire, we’re taking the weekend off so we can unplug, unwind, and—oh, who are we kidding? We’ll spend the weekend on our phones scrolling through Twitter, just with slightly less urgency than usual. The site as a whole will also be taking it easy this weekend, with a special look back at the pieces we were most proud of in 2016 as well as our regular AVQ&A, Staff Picks, and What’s On Tonight features. This year, we’re right on time in wishing a Happy Hanukkah to our Jewish friends, a few days late in lighting a candle for the Winter Solstice, and a day early in spreading our cheeks wide and saying Merry Christmas to those of the Christian and/or consumerist faith. May your fireplaces be cozy, your egg nog strong (you’re going to need it after this garbage fire of a year), and CVS have a wide array of gift cards for your cousin’s fiancee you always forget about until the last minute. See you all on Monday.


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