Sentenced to walk the earth knowing the eternal hellfire that awaits for being mean to Taylor Swift, Tina Fey has—like so many a death row inmate biding time before the inevitable—embraced the darkness within. After all, Fey already tried playing by society’s rules when she told Entertainment Tonight that her Globes jab at Swift was “a lighthearted joke. And it’s a shame that she didn’t take it in the crazy-aunt spirit in which it was intended.” So as first reported on E! News (before being inexplicably removed), when a paparazzo attempted to reignite their “feud”—because he saw Tina Fey in the street and couldn’t think of what else to ask and doesn’t read things—Fey finally unleashed the demon, telling him, “Go fuck yourself.” Pressed to give him something, anything, Fey replied only, “You can go fuck yourself.” And of course, it was all very charming, as Satan himself can so often be.

Indeed, somehow when it’s coming out of Tina Fey, “Go fuck yourself” just sounds like the damned soul’s version of “Hey, have a super weekend!” Go fuck yourself, everybody!