On the very good chance that you let ABC down by failing to save Happy Endings from ABC, there’s still a possible future for the show over which you have a similar amount of control. Deadline reports that Sony TV has reached out to the USA Network about potentially rescuing the series should it be canceled—a decision that isn’t final but seems increasingly likely, due to your heartless indifference. And nothing’s a done deal, but Deadline notes that USA is looking to branch out into half-hour comedies, and it’s also currently seeking a companion for its recently acquired reruns of Modern Family—a show that used to be paired with Happy Endings in better days, before you failed to prevent ABC from moving it around the schedule. Also encouraging is the relatively smooth transition to TBS enjoyed by Cougar Town; here’s hoping ABC can find similar safe haven for this other show it so dearly loves, in much the same way that Lennie from Of Mice And Men loves puppies.