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The Happy Endings reunion panel at this year's Vulture Festival in New York. (Photo: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images)

The battered heart of the Happy Endings fandom took another rabbit punch today, when one of the show’s writers and producers, Prentice Penny—currently of HBO’s upcoming Insecure—posted the following picture on his Twitter account:


But while Penny’s picture isn’t exactly a soul-crushing prank for fans of the cult-favorite ABC sitcom—unlike that April Fool’s countdown clock from last year—it also doesn’t mean any new episodes of Happy Endings will be making their way to TV. (Or Hulu.)

Instead, Penny appears to be standing outside the writer’s room for the show’s upcoming “Lost Episode” event, which will see the Happy Endings cast—Eliza Coupe, Elisha Cuthbert, Zachary Knighton, Adam Pally, Damon Wayans, Jr., and Casey Wilson—live-read the script at Entertainment Weekly’s PopFest. (The “official Happy Endings writer’s office” Twitter account announced the live-read back in July.)

So, yes, technically, more Happy Endings is getting written. And no, you’re probably not going to get to see it, at least not unless you make your way out to Los Angeles, for what we’re sure will be a pretty amahzing show on October 29.


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