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Happy endings (for everyone who is not Lamorne Morris): Damon Wayans Jr. might return to New Girl

While the wound of Happy Ending’s cancellation continues to sting, fans can always comfort themselves with the salve that no one thought the show would make it to three seasons—let alone two. One of those people: Damon Wayans Jr., who booked a lead on a promising Zooey Deschanel vehicle after Happy Endings’ first season wrapped—only to jump back to the well-toned, hilariously terrifying arms of TV spouse Eliza Coupe when Happy Endings did the seemingly impossible (though not as impossible as that fourth season) and scored a renewal. Thus Wayans’ Coach was replaced on New Girl by Lamorne Morris’ Winston Bishop, a tough post-pilot change that set the latter character on a path that would eventually lead to an episode where everyone forgets his birthday.

Well, happy birthday all over again, Winston, because if the casting  rumor that TV Line reported this afternoon is true, Coach may be returning to the New Girl loft for a short arc in the show’s third season. A deal has yet to be signed, so there’s still a chance for Morris to barricade himself behind the loft set’s big blue door, in an attempt to get another actor’s character to kiss him and thus rocket the both of them into the sitcom stratosphere. Maybe that character will be Brenda Song’s Daisy, and the move will save her from Dads, and New Girl can become a refuge for talent from great-but-doomed sitcoms and terrible-but-doomed sitcoms alike. New theme song stinger: “Who’s that girl? Who’s that girl? It’s whoever’s show was canned this week. The line forms behind Krysten Ritter.”


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