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Happy Endings’ Elisha Cuthbert to star in an Ellen DeGeneres-produced sitcom

The cancellation of Happy Endings scattered the show’s ensemble to the four winds, and now Elisha Cuthbert is the latest former cast member to find a new home. The erstwhile Alex Kerkovich is set to star in a new NBC multi-camera pilot, the previously reported One Big Happy from Ellen DeGeneres’ A Very Good Production. Cuthbert will play Lizzy, a lesbian trying to conceive a baby via artificial insemination with her straight best friend Luke (Nick Zano). The duo get pregnant just as Luke decides to impulsively marry a woman named Prudence (thus setting up many jokes about how his marriage wasn’t “prudent”). Liz Feldman (The Ellen DeGeneres Show, 2 Broke Girls) will write the pilot, which both reunites Cuthbert with her one-time Happy Endings costar Zano, and fulfills her contractual obligation to only appear in shows with the word “happy” in the title.


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