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Happy Election Day: Reward yourself for giving a shit with this free mini-episode of Broad City

Few TV comedies are as openly political (or as funny about it in the process) as Comedy Central’s Broad City, which tackles our modern democratic clusterfuck with the same affectionately screwed-up way it approaches all the other frustrations and absurdities of modern life. And so it may not surprise you to learn that Abbi and Ilana have their own ways of prepping for today’s big election, as revealed in the above “Hack Into Broad City” mini-episode of the show.

Internet culture has no dearth of ways to remind you to vote today, but few of them are quite as fun as watching Ilana happily prep her new set of piss-based Russian infiltration phrases, or watching Abbi delight in her new go bag accessories. Sure, it’s pretty short, but any 100 seconds we don’t spend anxiously refreshing election results pages today has probably got to be considered a win, right?


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