Because there‚Äôs a thing called ‚ÄúCyber Monday,‚ÄĚ and it dovetails with news that Amazon plans to¬†use drones¬†to deliver some packages in the coming years (or at least says it will for¬†some quick publicity),¬†Mother Jones¬†alerted us to the blog of photographer Brian Ulrich, who has been documenting shuttered or moribund shopping centers, stores, movie theaters, and malls. The photos show in haunting detail the decline of brick-and-mortar retail, from recent ones like¬†Circuit City¬†to Chicago supermarket chain¬†Dominick‚Äôs¬†(which will close all locations at the end of the month, screwing some members of the¬†A.V. Club¬†staff), to the¬†Dixie Square Mall, best known for that interior¬†car-chase scene in¬†The Blues Brothers. It looks like he‚Äôs spent quite a bit of time in the Chicago area‚ÄĒwe can recommend a bunch of sad-looking former Borders locations if he needs some more ideas.

Scroll through Ulrich’s Dark Stores blog, then feel some twinges of guilt about buying that Breaking Bad box set from Amazon instead of a good ol’ mom-and-pop operation like Target.