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Hannibal will have a lot more Gillian Anderson (not in the cannibal sense)

You will soon be seeing a lot more of Gillian Anderson on Hannibal, and not because she’s putting on weight so as to be juicier and more delicious when she’s inevitably eaten. TV Line reports that Anderson has been upped to a series regular role for her psychiatrist character, the very psychiatrist-ly named Bedelia du Maurier, who is expected to make far more frequent appearances in the upcoming third season. Of course, this was already teased in the season two finale, which [spoiler] saw her absconding on a jet, seated next to Hannibal Lecter. Meanwhile, Bryan Fuller confirmed at Comic-Con that the third season would pick up a year later and feel like “a pilot for new series starring Mads Mikkelsen and Gillian Anderson.” With Anderson confirmed to be around more, now we know that said series doesn’t involve Mads Mikkelsen backpacking through Europe, slowly eating pieces of Gillian Anderson. At least, not yet.


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