Hannibal may be one of the best shows on television right now, but it’s also proven itself one of the best at making sure that every single woman on the show suffers horribly. Last season, the series basically ran out of female characters it hadn’t already tortured or killed. So naturally, the show is making good on earlier, spoiler-ish news that it was looking for a new lady to abuse: Entertainment Weekly reports that Nina Arianda has been cast as Molly Graham, wife of FBI profiler Will Graham (Hugh Dancy).

Arianda comes to the show well acquainted with her TV husband: The two were co-stars in the Broadway run of Venus In Fur. As previously reported, the show will be making a time jump to introduce her character and her son Walter, meaning there are lots of opportunities to insert flashbacks about various women befalling dreadful fates between the end of season two and the leap forward. It’s unclear how faithful showrunner Bryan Fuller is planning to be to the original storyline from Thomas Harris’ novel Red Dragon (which presumably where the show is going this season, given that they’ve already cast Richard Armitage as that book’s antagonist, Frances Dolarhyde). Still, Arianda might want to practice her sharpshooting, is all we’re saying.