Way back in 2014, Comedy Central reportedly—according to Hannibal Buress—greenlit Unemployable, a 10-episode documentary series kind of like Dirty Jobs, but starring Buress himself. That news turned out to be a little premature, and only a pilot for the then-forgotten series was ever shot and then shelved. Fortunately for the world, Buress has unleashed that ill-begotten pilot on the world, tweeting out a Vimeo link to the show early Tuesday morning. Unemployable is, as Uproxx puts it, “less like Dirty Jobs and more like New York Goes To Work,” but it follows Buress as he does regular everyman jobs, like milking goats in Louisiana and working as a line cook in New Orleans. It’s funny, in the way that watching Buress do anything off the cuff is funny, and why it was shelved is really anyone’s guess. Maybe if the pilot gets enough attention now, things could change? Or, you know, maybe not.