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The real Hannibal Buress (we hope). (Photo: Josh Brasted/WireImage/Getty Images)

Hannibal Buress just initiated a little Clone Saga of his own, with the stand-up comic and Broad City co-star apparently sending a stand-in to walk the red carpet at the Spider-Man: Homecoming premiere tonight. Per Entertainment Weekly, Buress put out the call for a lookalike on social media earlier tonight, recruiting actor Joe Caroll to serve as his proxy at the big event.


Buress—who appears in the film as Peter Parker’s gym coach, Coach Wilson—apparently offered Caroll $500 (and the chance to stand somewhat near Robert Downey Jr.) in order to serve as his doppelganger. Sony has yet to comment on the switcheroo. Marvel, meanwhile, quickly excised the “Buress” portion of its red carpet video, cutting the stream in two and clipping out Caroll’s appearance.

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