Among the various names thrown around to host The Daily Show after Jon Stewart announced that he’d be stepping down—including Amy Poehler, Chris Rock, and Amy Schumer—one rising Comedy Central superstar was notably absent from the list: comedian Hannibal Buress. Despite his breakout performance on the network’s Broad City, insiders somehow never pegged the laid-back stand-up as the natural successor to Stewart’s comedy throne. (It doesn’t hurt that the comic’s new show, Why? With Hannibal Buress, had already been announced by the time Trevor Noah was tapped to take on the job.)

But for all of you who were just dying to see what The Daily Show With Hannibal Buress would have looked like, a new video promoting Why? can offer a tantalizing peek at a world of mumbled political satire, feet on desks, and germophobic commanders-in-chief. Purporting to be Buress’ audition tape for the nightly satire show, the video is a rundown of all the ways the comedian would have been (delightfully) awful for the job, while simultaneously giving a glimpse at the freeform, personality-driven comedy Why? is expected to traffic in when it debuts on July 8. (It also answers the age-old question of what Buress would want the press to be told if he was forced to quit after “getting caught fucking somebody,” which is always good to know.)


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