Hannibal Buress, in characteristically outspoken fashion, didn’t hold back in his scathing video review of Lamb’s Creek Food & Spirits last week. (Although they brought it upon themselves by not knowing how to serve chicken wings properly.) But Buress isn’t a negative guy, really. He enjoys many things, like, apparently, basketball, keyboards, and eating at Cracker Barrel.

In what he says will be the last of his Comedy Camisado TV restaurant reviews (until the next time he gets served a bad plate of wings), Buress sings the praises of countrified rest-stop staple Cracker Barrel, urging viewers to look past the name and appreciate the consistency of what he calls the “Tim Duncan of chain restaurants…a consistent superstar that is boring, efficient, and underrated.” Also, it sells $20 keyboards and gave Buress the opportunity to finally make a Lionel Ritchie reference, both qualities worth celebrating. How the guy making a sandwich in the background throughout the video feels about Cracker Barrel remains unknown.