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Hannibal Buress is your mullet-wearing angel of love in BJ The Chicago Kid’s “New Cupid”

Illinois-based R&B singer-songwriter BJ The Chicago Kid has drawn strong reviews for In My Mind, his just-released Motown debut. Now, the smooth singer has released the latest video off of the album, tapping high-profile friends like Kendrick Lamar and Hannibal Buress to bring the story of “New Cupid” to life.


Buress plays the title character, a garishly dressed, mullet-wearing angel of hate who spends his time wandering around sabotaging nascent love. (His antics range from swapping out engagement rings for prophylactics to preparing a pitcher of the worst lemonade in the world.) For his part, Buress commented on his involvement in the project with a very Hannibal Buress-esque statement, saying BJ had paid him for his time with, “a lifetime subscription to Tidal and 3 ghostwritten 13-bar verses about any subject matter of my choosing.”

It’s not clear if Lamar was working from a similar compensation schedule; he shows up halfway through the video to inject some energy into the proceedings with a verse about his own romantic searches and regrets.

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