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Hannibal Buress is reviewing restaurants now

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Lamb’s Creek Food & Spirits in Mansfield, PA might say it has “the perfect atmosphere, outstanding service, and delicious food” on its website, but Hannibal Buress sees things a little differently: “Hey! Your restaurant’s a real piece of shit! Let me tell you about your service. Took awhile. Only three other tables there. What the fuck was going on there, Lamb’s Creek?” The comedian is currently doing a string of Midwestern and East Coast dates on his boldly-named Comedy Camisado tour, and has decided to review some eateries along the way and post his thoughts to YouTube. This project-within-a-project is already off to an entertaining start, with Buress chastising Lamb’s Creek both for its inattentive service and for the celery it serves with hot wings. “They bring one, long-ass celery stalk! What the fuck was that, Lamb’s Creek?” In the course of his complaints, the comedian speculates about what it would be like to live in a “video game world” where one could theoretically stab a waitress without doing any permanent damage.


Humorous as the review is, it also gives some insight into the tedious life of a touring comedian, traveling from state to state and relying on a series of underwhelming restaurants for sustenance. And, obviously, under those circumstances, one must forgive Buress for confusing Lady And The Tramp with All Dogs Go To Heaven.

[via Splitsider]

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