Why? With Hannibal Buress

In as affable a tone as he does pretty much everything—acting, telling jokes, bringing about the downfall of one of the comedy world’s most sacred cows—Hannibal Buress has suggested his Comedy Central series Why? With Hannibal Buress won’t be returning for a second season. Talking to The New York Post, Buress praised the show, but ultimately declared that its format—a hodgepodge of stand-up, pre-taped sketches, and man-on-the-street interviews—wasn’t a good fit for his low-key style. “If I had to guess, I probably wouldn’t be doing that again,” Buress said of the series, which ended its eight-episode run in August. “It was definitely some good moments, it definitely got better as the season flowed along, it got more comfortable. It wasn’t the ideal format for me.”

And while Buress fans might quail at the incipient gap in the comedian’s current ubiquity—this year alone, he appeared on Why?, Broad City, TV Land’s The Jim Gaffigan Show, The Eric Andre Show, and the upcoming Will Ferrell-Mark Wahlberg comedy Daddy’s Home—Buress is still keeping the engines turning. “I’m looking at some other TV opportunities right now,” he told the Post, reassuring Buress-craving fans that their next fix is in the works. But that sort of thinking is for the future. For now, let’s just look back and appreciate the fitfully great, hand-biting brilliance of Why? With Hannibal Buress, like that time he got Jeff Ross and Eddie Pepitone to mock his network by lobbing vicious jokes at a baby.


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