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Hannibal Buress and Kate Upton will also be in The Disaster Artist

Why? With Hannibal Buress

James Franco’s adaptation of The Disaster Artist has now added even more names to its story of the making of a film so “purposefully terrible” that many people don’t understand how “smart” and “clever” it is. (Or so we’ve been told.) A few days ago, Josh Hutcherson was cast as Philip Haldiman, the actor who played Denny in The Room, and now The Hollywood Reporter says that Hannibal Buress, Jacki Weaver, Ari Graynor, Andrew Santino, and Kate Upton have joined the cast as well. Buress will play the owner of the stage that The Room mastermind Tommy Wiseau rents to film the movie on, Graynor will be Juliette Danielle (the lucky/terribly unlucky woman who played Lisa), Weaver will be Carolyn Minnott (the woman who played Claudette), and Santino will be Scott Holmes (the guy who played Mike). THR doesn’t say who Upton will be playing, which means she could be another behind-the-scenes person who wasn’t in the movie.


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