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Hannah Gadsby marvels at Nanette's success in the trailer for Douglas, her new Netflix special

Illustration for article titled Hannah Gadsby marvels at iNanette/is success in the trailer for iDouglas, /iher new Netflix special
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“I had no plans of making it in America,” Hannah Gadsby says in the trailer for her new Netflix special, Douglas.If you’re here ‘cause of Nanette...why?”


Nanette, if you’re forgotten, sparked an enduring (and controversial) debate about the means by which comedy could tackle what exists beyond the laugh. Don’t expect that sort of rumination in Douglas, however. “With this show, the humor will be back in,” she said before heading out on tour last year. “I don’t have any intention of workshopping any of my traumas on stage again. That took a toll. And also, I kinda did that.”

The laughs are there in the below preview, which finds Gadsby addressing the unlikely success of her previous special before launching into what tics in the American vernacular she’s come to reject and embrace. Check it out below.

Douglas drops on Netflix on May 26.

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