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Hannah Gadsby’s Nanette has quickly become the most talked-about comedy special of 2018, a riveting, funny, frequently painful synthesis of humor and anger that’s recontexualizing, for a lot of people, what the idea of a “comedy special” can even be. It’s also the clear product of an unshakeable passion, as Gadsby visibly wrestles with her own traumas throughout the set, while simultaneously constructing expert-level verbal snares and parallel experiences to lure viewers toward her ultimate, devastating point.

Now, fans of the special—curious about what the process of developing such a singular piece of art might look like—are in luck, with Vulture reporting that Gadsdy will soon be publishing a book on the topic, Ten Steps To Nanette. Gadsby—who recently noted during an appearance on The Tonight Show that she’d rather be a “hypocrite,” and walk back her mid-Nanette musings about quitting comedy, rather than be an “idiot” and follow through on them just as she’s breaking through into international success—will reportedly publish the book some time next year.

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