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For too long, TV has failed to give children the respect they deserve. Shows for kids are usually either terrible or secretly for adults, and kids who appear on shows are generally just catchphrase machines or objects used to build drama. Finally, though, young people will no longer have to put up with any shit from older people thanks to a TV adaptation of director Joe Wright’s 2011 thriller Hanna. According to Deadline, original writer David Farr—who was also behind AMC’s The Night Manager—is currently developing the TV version alongside NBCUniversal International studios.


We don’t have any specific details about the TV version, but the Hanna movie starred Saoirse Ronan as the teenage daughter of a former government operative who had been trained to be an expert assassin. Hopefully the show will then follow the movie’s plot by having the girl go on the run, but it would be pretty easy to turn this into a boring procedural where Hanna works with the government and uses her badass skills to catch evildoers.

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