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Hanks for the News Of The World, Tom Hanks

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Extra, extra!” cries Tom Hanks in News Of The World, Paul Greengrass’ movie about a news cowboy who performs the news for news-hungry villagers in the years following the Civil War. No, you got us, he doesn’t say “extra, extra!” but the image nevertheless sweeps us back to a time when the news didn’t instantly fill us with hot, painful dread.


“She needs new memories,” Hanks says of the feral child he’s taken under his wing in the film’s latest trailer, a statement that extends to each and every one of us. The new footage focuses primarily on Hanks’ uneasy role as caregiver in a cruel world, emphasizing the tenuous connection that forms between newcomer Helena Zengel and Hanks. As he attempts to reunite her with her biological aunt and uncle, Hanks’ Kidd brings news from around the world to dusty villages cut off from the world’s hubs of information. “When the fabric of society is in tatters, you’ve got a character in Kidd, who in his lonely, singular, small way is a thread who connects one community to another,” Greengrass recently told Vanity Fair.

Watch the new trailer below:

News Of The World is still slated for release on Christmas Day, but don’t be surprised if that ends up changing.

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