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Hank Green records individual videos explaining how to vote in all 50 states

Screenshot: YouTube

While it’s hard to imagine someone having a tough time choosing between this year’s two diametrically opposed presidential candidates, a bigger hindrance to heading to the polls could be logistical. Figuring out where, how, and when to register to vote can be surprisingly confusing. Or, at least, it was before Hank Green of the Vlogbrothers decided to explain how to do just that, in detail, for each of the 50 states:

That’s right, in addition to the above intro video, Green recorded 53 individual videos explaining deadlines, procedures, and policies for each of the 50 states as well as for Washington D.C., unincorporated territories, and for those in the military and overseas. Each video is also accompanied by links to state-specific information about registering to vote, requesting absentee ballots, finding polling places, and accessing sample ballots. So, for instance, the video for Illinois—where The A.V. Club offices are located—looks something like this:

The sole goal of the non-partisan project is to make voting easy and accessible for everyone. “How you want to vote is up to you as is whether you want to vote,” Green explains in the intro. “But I want to make sure you understand that not voting isn’t some revolutionary political act. If you’re not voting, no one is hearing your voice, so they have no reason to represent you.”


The project has its own YouTube page, where you can find links to all 54 videos.

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