Actor Hank Azaria—also well-known to fans of such Simpsons characters as Moe and Chief Wiggum—is negotiating to direct his first feature film, a comedy called Outsourced, the Hollywood Reporter reports. Apparently the film, about two laid-off workers who travel to Mexico to get back outsourced jobs, was originally planned as a Vince Vaughn-Owen Wilson buddy flick, but the movie doesn't have a cast yet.

Also making its push into features is the Williams Street production company, which produces the animated series of Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. Variety names a March release date for a feature film of Aqua Teen Hunger Force. The plot centers on "an immortal piece of exercise equipment threatening the balance of galactic peace," which one of the show's creators says is "too big a story to do in 11 minutes," unlike, say, every other fucked-up, convoluted plot in the show's history.