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Handy Halloween guide explains how much candy it will take to kill you

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Generally, the big danger in eating too much candy is “spoiling your dinner” or “getting a tummy ache,” but those excuses are stupid. Eating so much candy that you don’t want dinner just means you had candy for dinner (congratulations on being a badass), and getting a tummy ache is just your body’s way of saying you need to toughen up. So, when Halloween rolls around in a few days, it might be a good idea to have a much more hardcore metric to go by when determining if you’ve had too much candy.

That’s where a science-themed YouTube channel called Reactions comes in. The channel recently posted a video titled “How Much Candy Would Kill You?” that takes data like the average sugar content of a candy bar and the average weight of an American and throws it together into an equation that will help anyone figure out just how many candy bars they can eat before they die. They also did the same thing with candy corn, just in case you’d also like to be miserable while you eat yourself to death.

As explained in the video, the average number of fun-sized chocolate bars a human can eat in one sitting before they die is 262, with the candy corn limit coming in at 1,627. You’d probably be throwing up like crazy long before you reach either of those limits, but they still seem weirdly low. Like, if you were determined enough, eating 1,627 candy corns doesn’t seem too impossible. The description on the YouTube page features the formula you can use to determine your specific candy limit, so make sure to write it down before the big day.


[via Laughing Squid]

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