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Is John Stamos a vampire? This dude is 53 years old and still looks raffish as all hell. He could deliver any news and the only way to respond would be with delighted, sheepish giggles.

How would one respond to outright good news from John Stamos? That is what one man decided to find out when he enlisted the actor to propose to his girlfriend for him. She responded, as one might, by freaking the fuck out.

It’s all heartwarming enough, but now Stamos is on the hook. He’s tied his personal brand of easygoing handsomeness to this couple’s marital health. He is obligated to oversee the wedding, provide counseling along the way, see them through thick and thin, help deliver their eventual children, break ground on their home, and presumably, as the decades wear on, bury them in their graves. Throughout that span, he will not age a day. When that day comes, his stubble will still be immaculate, his jawline chiseled by the gods.


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