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Handsome devil Michael Fassbender to play real-life serial killer


He’s played a supervillain, a slave owner, a psychoanalyst, and a sex addict, and now Michael Fassbender can add “serial-killer Superman” to the “S” portion of his resume. No, he’s not starring in the new Zach Snyder movie: According to Variety, Fassbender has signed on to star in Entering Hades, based on a real-life Austrian serial killer who murdered women by night and then investigated those same crimes as a reporter by day. You know, like Superman and Clark Kent, but with killing people instead of saving them.

The real-life serial killer in question is Jack Unterweger, whose rather incredible story begins when he was imprisoned for murdering 18-year-old Margaret Schaefer in 1976. 14 years later, he was released after his prison autobiography became a best seller. Unterweger parlayed this literary celebrity into a job as a reporter, and continued to give interviews and charm the media even after being arrested again for another string of murders in 1992. Sounds like a job for Michael Fassbender, all right.


No director has been chosen for the project as of yet, but Se7ven’s Richard Saperstein and John Tucker Must Die’s Bob Cooper are attached as producers. Alexander Dinelaris—who won an Oscar for his work co-writing Birdman—is currently doing a second draft of the script.

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