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Han to shoot last as Harrison Ford sits out Episode VII for 8 weeks

In what is the worst incident of Han Solo being put into deep freeze since the last one, The Hollywood Reporter says his recent injury means at least eight more weeks of jokes about Harrison Ford, as the actor remains sidelined from filming Episode VII. Ford reportedly broke his ankle, easily the “good blaster” of all the body’s joints, in the hydraulic door of the Millennium Falcon—just the first of what could be many casualties to come, thanks to J.J. Abrams’ sadistic insistence on using the death trap of practical effects, rather than the CGI that helped George Lucas spare so many lives. And while Ford’s role is reportedly “gigantic” in the sequel, the production is nevertheless working around him until he’s better, presumably by having the other actors do their scenes opposite a stick holding a tennis ball with a frowny-face painted on it.

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