Star Wars

Adding a healthy layer of paranoia to your tourist trip to a galaxy far, far away, designers at Disney’s hotly anticipated Star Wars Land attraction have revealed that the park will implement a “reputation” system that tracks and responds to visitor activity. Speaking at today’s Celebration, the designers gave an example of a park goer screwing up on the Millennium Falcon ride—which sounds awesome as hell, honestly, with each member of a team taking care of a different one of the ship’s stations—and later getting yelled at for crashing Han Solo’s ride. (It’s not clear if it’ll be pre-recorded Harrison Ford doling out the drubbing, or some actor, or if you’ll be able to torment them with ghoulish spoilers about Han’s own unavoidable death.)

Park designers also revealed that the locations you’ll visit inside Star Wars Land will be all-new planets, and not old favorites like Tattooine or Endor. (On the plus side, they say they’ve gone out of their way to mimic Ralph McQuarrie’s old designs while designing these new worlds.) They’re also promising new, better lightsabers, blue milk, and a Star Tours ride focused on Crait, a newly named mining planet that appeared in the trailer for The Last Jedi. California and Florida’s Star Wars Land locations will open some time in 2019.


[via The Hollywood Reporter]