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Hammer Horror has high hopes hawking Hill's haunted hardcover

Fresh from our "Please Hammer, Don't Haunt 'Em" department: As reported by Deadline, the recently resurrected Hammer Films announced at Cannes today that Canadian distributor Alliance Films will help finance the hallowed production company's adaptation of Susan Hill's ghostly novel The Woman In Black. Since initiating a shaky comeback a few years ago, Hammer—a name once synonymous with horror—has yet to curdle the blood of anyone but investors. Still, Jane Goldman, who co-wrote the screenplays for Stardust and Kick-Ass, has signed on to The Woman In Black, as has director James Watkins, the man behind the overlooked and pretty excellent Eden Lake. So maybe it won't be so bad after all. (Oh wait, it's in 3-D. Never mind.)


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