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Halt And Catch Fire’s second season arrives on Netflix ahead of schedule

Halt And Catch Fire (Photo: AMC)

Switching its usual M.O. from “Halt And Catch Fire” to “Stop, Netflix, and chill,” the second season of AMC’s low-tech period drama has snuck onto the streaming service a little earlier than expected. According to Christopher C. Rogers—who, as per his Twitter bio, isn’t just the show’s co-creator and executive producer, but also, worryingly, “a dragon”—new episodes of the Lee Pace-starring series should be available for streaming now, ahead of their usual schedule.


The show’s second season focuses on the rise of Mutiny, the online gaming company launched by Mackenzie Davis’ tech prodigy Cameron Howe in its first season finale. Despite the switch to ostensibly more playful subject matter, though, the new episodes are just as full of backstabbing, conniving, and illicit reverse engineering as the first, a combination that appears to appeal to AMC. The network gave the series a third-season renewal last October, despite falling ratings for the batch of episodes that have just made their way online.

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