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Halt And Catch Fire’s Mackenzie Davis joins Blade Runner 2

Halt And Catch Fire

According to Collider, Mackenzie Davis has joined the cast of director Denis Villeneuve’s Blade Runner sequel. Davis stars on AMC’s Halt And Catch Fire as Cameron, the angsty hacker who secretly just wants to be loved (more or less), and she also recently appeared in Ridley Scott’s The Martian. Unfortunately, we don’t know anything about her role in Blade Runner 2, which means she could be a renegade replicant, or a badass future cop, or just a random pedestrian with one of those awesome glowing umbrellas.

One thing we can say with relative certainty, though, is that Davis won’t be playing original Blade Runner protagonist Rick Deckard, because Harrison Ford is coming back to play him. Of course, Deckard was definitely a robot in the first movie, so maybe there could just be multiple versions of him running around, with one of those versions being Mackenzie Davis for some reason. She could probably pull off the various looks of general frustration and confusion that Harrison Ford used in the original, and then all she’d need is a cool coat, a cool gun, and the patience to sit quietly while the villain gives a monologue.


Blade Runner 2 will also include Ryan Gosling and Robin Wright, both of whom could also be playing Rick Deckard.

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