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Halloween's David Gordon Green is directing an "elevated" Hellraiser series for HBO

Illustration for article titled iHalloween/is David Gordon Green is directing an elevated iHellraiser/i series for HBO
Screenshot: Hellraiser (YouTube)

Mere weeks after Spyglass announced David Bruckner as the director of its David S. Goyer-produced Hellraiser reboot, HBO has announced that it, too, wants some of that sweet, sweet suffering.

Deadline reports that HBO is developing Hellraiser into a series with Halloween director David Gordon Green that will serve as an “elevated continuation and expansion of the well-established Hellraiser mythology.” Prestige Hellraiser, you say? Granted, anything would look elevated next to Hellraiser: Revelations, but we digress.


Deadline emphasizes that this isn’t a remake, and that the “past mythology” is “a given.” Pinhead, the pin-headed leader of the soul-destroying Cenobites, will remain at the center of the story, which, of course, has us wondering if Doug Bradley, who turns 66 this year, is ready for another round of cinematic acupuncture. Based on Clive Barker’s The Hellbound Heart, the series follows the Cenobites as they torture anyone unlucky enough to fuck with a puzzle box called the Lament Configuration.

We have but one request: Don’t forget Butterball.

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