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Halloween's come early thanks to someone who remade The Haunted Mansion in Animal Crossing

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Considering how terrifying the real world is right now, getting freaked out by movie or theme park ghosts feels downright quaint. Really, it’s actually the perfect time to escape our all-too-real fears by watching horror movies, reading scary stories or, as a particularly dedicated Animal Crossing: New Horizons player who goes by @capuchinokappu has done, recreating the (currently closed) Disneyland Haunted Mansion in a video game.

Rather than create the sort of friendly pastoral villages that Animal Crossing designs lend themselves to, Capuchinokappu went all in on turning his New Horizons’ house into a ridiculously detailed homage to (family friendly) death and decay. In the overview trailer showing off his work, a little Animal Crossing avatar runs up to the entryway, passing cemeteries and theme park gates until he heads into dark rooms filled with cobwebs, spooky paintings, dolls, and other decorations from The Haunted Mansion. All the while, his avatar shakes in terror and cries in what we assume is mind-reading fear.


Capuchinokappu’s dedication to cutesy horror aesthetics seems to extend to the rest of his island, too. Another tweet shows the mummified dog-villager Lucky hanging around the outskirts of the attraction where he apparently “loves to wander around the graveyard ... and water the black roses.”

The custom village is a wonderfully crafted ode to Disneyland that also manages to avoid coming across as completely unhinged (which, considering the competition, is no small feat). We can only hope that the most evil force of all, the Grim Mouse Mickey, doesn’t turn his blankly smiling face toward Capuchinokappu’s creation and try to find a way to monetize a nice act of creative expression or, y’know, just buy his Nintendo Switch from him outright.

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