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Halloween returns to theaters for one night only, guess which night


So here’s a simple scenario: You’re an executive for Fathom Events, purveyors of movie theater-based exclusive programming, specializing in live and “one night only!” events. You find yourself with the possibility of doing a fun single-night showing of the classic 1978 horror film Halloween, a movie meant to be experienced with a live audience if ever there was one. Better yet, this year October 31, the actual Halloween, just so happens to fall on a Saturday. Kismet! So, what do you do? According to Variety, you book a bunch of theaters and schedule an exciting night of Halloween on the big screen for… October 29. Wait, what?

Yes, in a bizarre affront to John Carpenter fans and basic logic, the screenings will happen on Thursday, beginning at 7:30 p.m., two days before the holiday. Tickets went on sale today, and audiences will also get a special introduction to the film from Carpenter himself. No word yet on whether Rob Zombie will be attending one of the screenings, or if he’ll just do a weird alternate version of the event himself.


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